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There is a specific pool of bosses that can appear on each level and some bosses are able to appear on multiple different levels with a different starting Health, Hero Power, and deck. However, no boss will appear more than once in a single play through. Each chapter throughout The Dalaran Heist will have its own set of bosses that you will come up against. Each chapter has its own set of bosses that you will face, although the specific bosses you face each time you attempt to complete a chapter will be different each time. In addition to different bosses, each chapter will also feature a unique mechanic that will be present during each encounter.

As we know, the plot is very colorful, mystery and interesting. A student girl has to punish a antagonist for abusing children. Her name is Miss T, and she is the main laughing stock.

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  • The rooms here are endless and you will have to check each one, open every wardrobe and shelf, before you find a saving key.
  • Collect 3 hidden hints scattered around the house to find the way out of the evil house.
  • Enjoy the first ‘Escape’ asymmetric survival mode, with which 2 seekers vs. 6 hiders of hide and seek that everyone is familiar with.
  • Land in the wrong place and it’s all over in seconds.
  • Granny Chapter Two Free Download Mac GameFull Version via direct link.

😂 It’s not really that scary, I’m just a massive whimp! Once you know your way around and how everything should be used, it becomes easier. But then you can adjust the difficulty to increase the challenge. I can see myself playing this over and over again, Granny Chapter Two update apk attempting the more difficult levels and timing myself to see how quickly I can escape. I like the escape games but this one is so much more fun with having to sneak around and with granny chasing after you. I just love this game with the different rooms, the music and the secret passageways/spots.

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